Why Join Public House Media?

  • We supply a team of audio enginers to keep each episode you submit sounding its best

  • We carry a team of social media marketers who promote every new show episode on our PHM platforms.

  • A leadership team that works with your show personally to constantly help, develop, and offer guidance any way we can to grow your audience.

  • Actively shopping each show to sponsors. We follow the 70/30 model for sponsorship dollars divided.

  • Each show on PHM receives their own merchandise store. Hosts keep 100% of all profits earned through selling their show merchandise. We use TeePublic!

  • A community of podcasters who love what they do and ultimately want to help each other grow to their ultimate potential.

Our Audience

  • Female Audience: 58% of listeners: 23% between the ages 25-34. 12% between the ages of 35-44.
  • Male Audience: 42% of listeners: 17% between ages 25-34. 8% between the ages of 35-44.
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