Meet Our Hosts

Kylie Thompson

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Kylie is a born-and-raised Wisconsinite living in Green Bay. She is a recent St. Norbert College graduate who serves her community as Miss Green Bay Area 2020 in the Miss America scholarship program. Kylie recently dove head-first into the podcast realm with her show “Food for Thought with Kylie Thompson” and is thrilled to be gaining more experience while bringing news to listeners on the Ketchup Podcast as well

Kim Meyer

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Kim’s mission in life is to give back and serving others. She’s done this first as an educator and now a health and wellness coach. She’s now joining the team at Public House Media as the host of Choose to rising. You can follow her for more on Facebook at @Choosetoriseupme.


Julianne Condia

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Julianne is a Midwesterner living out in Northern California with her husband, Erik, daughter Faye, and rescue boxer, Wyatt.  Julianne is a former inner-city school teacher turned full-time entrepreneur helping others get fit in all areas of life.  She really believes that you can rewrite your story at any moment and find the blessings along the way.  Julianne would tell you that success isn’t limited and that we can be a voice for others who feel lost or silenced.

Nicole Kelly

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Nicole was born without her left hand and is on a mission to change society’s perception on disability! She loves dill pickles, broadway shows, and her Siamese cat (Gracie Lou Freebush). On a regular day you can find Nicole playing board games, watching murder mystery documentaries, attempting (usually failing) to bake, and having long conversations about ways to change the world. On extra-ordinary days you can find Nicole speaking at universities around the country about disability. The proud owner of a #bionichand, you can find her sharing the ins-and-outs of this tech on many different social channels. Nicole hopes you join the Disarming Disability ride as she thinks these conversations are the most important thing in the history of time.

Sarah Tuberty

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Born with a limb difference, this West Coast native goes East and can’t be kept out of the sky as she single-handedly rocks being an Occupational Therapist, Flight Attendant, and Aerial Artist. Full of life, adventure, and joy, she always has a good story to tell! She loves meeting new people, sharing stories, dancing, exploring, reading, painting, being surrounded by house plants, and drinking tea while having long conversations. She is a proud host of Disarming Disability, and will help build a more inclusive society!

Jenna Bert

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Jenna is a proud native of southern Illinois who has relocated to South Carolina with her husband who is actively serving in our military. Jenna is a certified dental assistant, military spouse of almost 10 years, health & fitness enthusiast and mom to an amazing daughter. In her spare time, Jenna enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and friends, teaching fitness classes, watching St. Louis Cardinal baseball and helping empower other women.

Jason Schneider

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A copywriter by day, musician and songwriter by afternoon, and a tortured horror fan by night, Jason Schneider has spent more of his life scaring himself than he would like to admit. While demon and possession movies are the ones that really keep him up at night, he believes any movie that has the ability to scare deserves a watch. He started Fear & There with Zachary to keep up with him after he moved away from NYC in 2019, so don’t think of it as a podcast— think of it as a discussion amongst friends over a cold beer in a dingy bar.

David Prosper

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Hola! My name is David Prosper, host of The Leadership Revolution. I am obsessed and passionate about bringing people practical value to empower their lives. When I am not being a Leadership Development Coach during my day job, I am full-time father and husband who loves reading books and working out. 

Zachary Solomon

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Zachary C. Solomon is a Miami-born, Columbus-based writer. He is an alumnus of Clark University and holds an MFA in Fiction from Brooklyn College where he spent five years as an adjunct professor of film, creative writing, and composition.  Now he writes for a small company that helps nonprofits expand their reach and engagement. He started Fear & There with Jay to feel insecure about the sound of his recorded voice.

Leigh Nieves

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Leigh resides in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Shane and their three cats. She’s a passionate, yet practical salesperson with years of experience in the sports world, restaurant and bar scene, and social media sales. In her free time, she enjoys watching women’s soccer, listening to murder podcasts, and eating noodles. Leigh is so stoked to be a part of the Public House Media family as a co-host of Let's Hustle.

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Chelsea Dupre

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Chelsea was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming. She is married to the love of her life Adam and adores her 2 pups, Bentley and Remi. Soon after getting married, the Dupre’s moved across the country to Louisville, KY where she started her career in business to business sales for UniFirst. In the past 2.5 years at Unifirst, Chelsea has attended 2 President’s Clubs and was the runner up in the company in 2017. Chelsea’s passion is achieving goals as well as helping others succeed in achieving their goals as well. In her free time, she enjoys watching the Kardashians, Grey’s Anatomy, and Friends. Chelsea is so excited to join Public House Media as a co-host of Let's Hustle.


Christian Heimall

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Christian is the assistant General Manager of the High Point Rockers baseball team. Along with that he is a broadcast media veteran with over 10 years of experience on air. He is thrilled to host Caught Listening on Public House Media.

Rachel Mullins

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Rachel lives in Los Angeles where she wears many hats as an actress, model, and producer.  She has been working in the fashion and entertainment business for over half her life with no signs of stopping.  Her personal philosophy is; “This Town Holds No Glitter”! She proud to be the host of “No Filter Friday” on Public House Media.


Elizabeth Colburn

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Elizabeth is the owner of her family’s health business and a full-time educator. She is a mom to Beckham and Rio, married to Baxter and enjoys being outdoors, dancing, writing, and of course podcasting. Her mission is to empower resilient individuals to find the beauty in their journey and she is convicted in doing so daily. Her education background is in Elementary Education and she is passionate about being on the journey with others in the realms of nutrition, fitness, faith, parenting, marriage, and resiliency.


Dr. Mariah White

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Mariah is a passionate Tiny Human Healer with a mission to empower and inspire others. She lives in Goodyear, Arizona and loves to travel and embark on new adventures. White grew up in a military household and was actually born in Germany and loved being in that environment because it taught her resilience and adaptability. She thinks it set the stage for so many things in her life and helped to make her the person who she is today. White is so excited to share her life’s motivation with all her listeners and give them the peace to understand that they can be and do whatever they want in this life.